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AGAPE MARKET RESEARCH is a fast-growing, India-Mexico Market Research firm which is unique in its class, result-driven, and deeply committed to delivering accuracy as its primary value. Our innovative business model offers customers a single point of contact for their multi-country studies.

Agape’s specialized team uses tailor-made solutions to help solve your business challenges, allowing customers to experience the ultimate level of accuracy in data collection.

We provide solutions to corporate, consumer, non-profit and government organizations in India, Mexico, Europe, the US, East Asia and around the globe. We specialize in Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Spanning CATI, CAWI, CAPI and CLTs, Measurement, Tracking, Mystery Shopping and Focus Groups.

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What we do?

B2B Market Research

Our team can target difficult to reach business professionals and a wide range of audience categories. Our directors are able to advise the most suitable and feasible method for your project.

Brand Market Research

Our Brand Market Research can provide data and insights on: Brand Health, Optimization & Positioning, Concept Testing, Brand Performance Tracking, Brand Awareness, Advocacy, Loyalty, etc.

Concept & Product Testing

Our Product Testing and Development Research services include: Central Location Test (CLT), Multi-Country Product Testing, Focus Group Interviews ,In-Depth Interviews and Ethnographic Studies, etc.

Consumer Market Research

Our Consumer Research services include: Awareness, Attitude & Usage (AAU),Customer Satisfaction Studies, Concept Testing, Corporate Identity, Competitive Threats and Opportunities.

Healthcare Market Research

We can reach Physicians, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Executives, Influencers and Patients whose opinion and insight plays a crucial role in healthcare decision making.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Agape's Data Analysis Team has deep analytical skills with the capability to handle all complex level data, using different tools and techniques which provide actionable results to our clients.

Tracking Research

Agape Research’s Tracking Studies help clients to evaluate and improve their brand management, performance, profitability and potential opportunities to target new customer segment and grow brands.

Management Consulting

Our teams of experienced and knowledgeable professionals are best suited to help clients to understand the intricacies of the market in a comprehensive manner & provide deep layered solutions.

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