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AGAPE MARKET RESEARCH is a fast-growing, India-Mexico market research firm which is unique in its class, result-driven, and deeply committed to delivering accuracy as its primary value. Our innovative business model offers customers a single point of contact for their multi-country studies.

Agape’s specialized team uses tailor-made solutions help solve your business challenges, allowing customers to experience the ultimate level of accuracy in data collection.

We provide solutions to corporate, consumer, non-profit and government organizations in India, Mexico, Europe, the US, East Asia, and around the globe. We specialize in qualitative and quantitative research, spanning CATI, CAWI, CAPI and CLT's, measurement, tracking, mystery shopping and focus groups.


At Agape, we understand that consumer research is about people. . It’s about what they see, what they do, what they buy, eat, drink, think, choose, spend, and aspire to be.

And behind these what's and the how's, we also know that it’s the why’s that are important.

We have accumulated a wealth of consumer data, and we realize that it’s not just about knowing the numbers; it’s about knowing how these numbers fit with everything. From market trends and technological change, to psychology and sociology. when it comes to consumer research, context is king.

Our solutions and services within product innovation will help you to create new products that customers will love.

Product innovation is not just about being new or being different; it’s about creating new products that customers will enjoy and embrace, and about forging a unique path that consumers will want to follow. This is where our expertise in product innovation comes into its own. We seek out new flavours, formulas, fragrances, packaging, ingredients and ideas,.aAnd we track how consumers respond, identifying what works and what doesn’t. What’s more, we always make sure to explain why. This is what gives our clients the edge, tuninges them in to emerging trends, and giving them a base of knowledge on which their own ideas can flourish.

Competitive intelligence is about staying one step ahead. Understand your competitors' strategies, successes and failures is key to developing a winning business approach.

It’s about knowing the market and, knowing your competitors and what they are doing is knowledge that will help you to keep on setting the agenda, not having to chase it.

At Agape, wetrack your market and the brands within it in real-time and in real depth, from. products and , pricing, to services, messaging, and promotions.

It’s all about our competitive intelligence, for your competitive advantage.

At Agape, we offer unbeatable analysis and international research within different markets, across beauty, digital, drink, food, home and more.

Market dynamics are moving faster than ever and consumer behaviour has never been more complicated to track.

Factor in globalisation and we realise that what’s trending now may be doing so right across the planet. The world is getting smaller, but it isn’t necessarily any easier to navigate. Yet, thorough market knowledge is essential to business success.

So, market expertise needs to be as strategic as it is granular. It needs to hone-in on the details close to home, but also span broader trends across segments and borders alike.

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